About us

At Mercato Fine Foods Bakery and Deli, our philosophy is simple:

To bring fresh, good quality Italian foods and products from our family to yours. 

Mercato Fine Foods is a remarkable specialty foods store located in the quaint town of Caledon, Ontario. Our family-run business specializes in rustic and fine Italian breads, gourmet cakes, fine pastries and traditional cookies. Mercato Fine Foods provides deli meats and gourmet cheeses from around the world, specialty oils, vinegars and preserves as well as olives, pastas and an assortment fine foods. Whether catering a local function, or a simple dinner, Mercato strives to improve the quality of the meals and desserts of our loyal customers.

The history of Mercato is short and sweet. It was established by a local resident who grew up in the bakery and catering business and wanted his family to enjoy a similar life. A life filled with fond memories of good food, wholesome breads, and delicious pastries and cakes. From this dream and childhood longing, Mercato Fine Foods Bakery and Deli was born. The doors opened Spring 2003, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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